Autumn in Blowing Rock



**Daily Fall Photos & Foliage Blog**

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Natural Attractions
The Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina have a vast array of natural attractions. Here are a few in our immediate area that just can't be missed in the fall. At any given time during the season, at least one of these locations is sure to display great color.

*The Blowing Rock*

*The Blue Ridge Parkway*

*Fall Festivals and Events

Autumn is a fantastic time for a mountain festival. Put on your favorite sweater, head out to enjoy Mother Nature's seasonal exhibition, and indulge in all those wonderful treats like candied apples, fresh kettle corn, and hot cider. Click *here* for more information.

*Autumn Produce*

Some things are synonymous with a mountain fall season: beautiful color, crisp breezes, and apples. Follow the link above for information on apple outlets, where you can buy a bushel or take home fresh apple butter, caramel apples, applesauce, jelly, cider, pies, fritters........

*Our Favorite Drives*

Those of us here in the Visitor Center love living here in the mountains of North Carolina. And, we truly believe that travel can be about the journey as well as the destination. Take a tour of some of roads in this area in the fall and you will see why. From narrow, winding mountain roads to broad highways in the valleys, all offer amazing scenery and vistas. Click *here* to see our favorites.


Plus, take some time to visit the *Orchard at Altapass*. This great stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway features music, events, crafts, jams, jellies, pickled veggies, sauces, and of course, apples!



Other Great Links

*Trees of the Blue Ridge Parkway*- On Virtual Blue Ridge. Listing of trees you can find in the area, and what color they will be.

*Color Updates for the Blue Ridge Parkway* - Also on Virtual Blue Ridge. Wildflower reports here, too. This is a great site to have bookmarked year-round.

*Visit NC*- State travel & tourism site, with regular fall foliage updates across the regions of NC.

*Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation* - The best visitor site for the Blue Ridge Parkway, with lots of links, directions, and descriptions of points of interest.